The Most Amazing Cake EVER!

Amazing Cake

Recently, my friend Mary decided to host a small dinner at her house.  I used to frequent these dinners when I lived in Chicago.  Now I must live vicariously through the stories and photos via email.  This time she decided to torment me by sending a picture of the dessert they devoured at the end of the meal.  The picture was so amazing I had to share it.  She said the recipe was from a popular post on Smitten Kitchen.

Just look at it.  Isn’t it just the most delicious work of art you have ever seen????  Of course, words can not describe how wonderful it tastes.  Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to try the cake out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Mary owns a wonderful shop in the Chicagoland area called Gourmet in a Day. If you live near Chicago,  you should check her shop out.  The food is amazing and simple to prepare at home.


  1. Scott(the ex-baker) says:

    I used to own a very high end bakery in Chicago and I have to say that the looks of this cake would rank right up there with our finest creations and knowing Mary’s culinary skills I’m sure that it tastes as good if not better than it looks!

  2. My drool cup runneth over….

  3. The thick Chocolate ribbons makes you want to eat more than one slice.

  4. the thick ribbons of chocolate makes you want to eat more than one slice. peanut butter gives, one a sense eating healthy. Great display!

  5. I’ve made the frosting and it tastes great. Soon, I’m going to make the cake!

    Yours looks fantastic! Very pretty!



  6. I agree Alex, that’s what seems to give it so much depth.

  7. I love the way the chocolate drips down over the peanut butter frosting – looks delicious!

  8. i have the book and it’s quite amazing!

  9. This cake is better than the chocolate and peanut butter cake I made for your office. It’s that good!

  10. Woah. A cake with peanut brittle on it? You’re blowing my mind, man!


  1. […] my friend Mary in various posts on this blog.  Most notably was when she guest posted for me in The Most AMAZING cake ever! She and her husband, John, were gracious enough to serve as our lodging hosts for the weekend.  Of […]

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